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15 Responses to Registration

  1. Anders Vinje says:

    I am trying to pick “Table 8: Andrei Faitas – Cloaks and Shadows – level range 1-4”
    but I can only pick “Table 7: Philip Abramowski – Tomb Of Annihilation – level range 5-10”

    • Christian Bergesen says:

      All the tables are full. If you have a regular slot at your table then you don’t need to fill out the form and just have a dialouge with your DM.

  2. jon emil says:

    jeg prøver å sine opp for nestegang men jeg kan ikke velge bor

  3. Thomas Wivestad says:

    Table 4 is level 5-10 (tier 2), not 1-5

  4. Ra Undli says:

    Can’t pick a table.

  5. Fenris says:

    når oppner reistrine

  6. Kenneth Misje says:

    Hei eg er litt seint ute.
    Er det noen drop-in slots ledige til ikveld?

  7. Karl Rostad says:

    Heisan! Jeg er vanligvis på bord 3 men får ikke til å komme i kveld. Håper noen får sagt ifra til dm for meg. Finner ikke noe email å sende til

  8. Andreas Kveine says:

    Når åpner registreringen for 17. Desember?

  9. Jonathan says:

    Does our registration carry over from the last session or do we need to register every time?

    • Christian Bergesen says:

      You have to register every time unless you agree with your DM that you are going to be playing regulary at that table.

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